Mel’s Cleaning

Mel’s Cleaning

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Chemical-Free Cleaning With ENJO Products On Request

Mel’s Cleaning promotes environment-friendly and chemical-free cleaning. In line with that, we are introducing a new method of cleaning to our clients in Christchurch, New Zealand and its surrounding areas. This new method uses ENJO products, such as cloths, pastes, mops, and oven cleaners, which require no chemicals. No chemicals means less plastic and a cleaner environment.

With the banning of plastic bags in supermarkets, it makes sense to transition to ENJO products. If you are interested in them or you would like to get a brochure, do not hesitate to contact us. If you are interested in having an ENJO demonstration at your home with family and friends, please contact me.  You will be entitled to up to $390.00 of free products.

ENJO believe in putting healthy living first, and look to challenge the conventional and shine a light on sustainable living with a range of safe and effective fiber cleaning products that need absolutely no chemicals.

Chemical free skin care also.